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Quality Work Through Dedication

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing. This means that the efficiency evaluation and reward systems are based on the performance, which can be evaluated at specific intervals, or it can have a particular goal that needs to be achieved.

Mandavo Computer Learning Centre is currently the most sought out ICT center in Ajegunle-Apapa. Ranking no 1 in Google here in Ajegunle-Apapa. Mandavo Computer Learning Centre wants to Train and equip you to be her ambassador to sell her brand and products through online advertising, word of mouth and referral and any strategies you can come up with to reach her goal.

Mandavo Computer Learning Centre wants to reward any of her ambassador who dutifully and resiliently pursue the goals of the company


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How do we achieve this feat?

Mandavo Computer Learning Centre wants to partner with all its past students and all who are interested to help her reach her goal in training more pupils in the area of ICT in Lagos, Nigeria and around the world. We see ourselves,

   To be No. 1 in:

Digital Marketing

Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Freelancing and many more.

Computer Programs

Graphics Design, Website Design, Engineering, Microsoft and many more.

Mandavo Print

Brochures, Flyers, Banners, Flex, Business cards, Calendars and more.

What's in it for you?

As a company Mandavo Computer Learning Centre has pledged to reward commissions in sum of money to any ambassador for every new referral made to the school.

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What's the commission?

The commission Mandavo Computer Learning Centre wants to reward ambassador with 10% of every of her course tuition fee paid by the referral you made.

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What does it generate?

Our digital marketing training is selling for  50,000 you referring someone to learn from us is 10%. The 10 percent of  50,000 is 5,000 for your commission.

How do I plug in?

Sign up on the website now!
Join our Affiliate group on WhatsApp, here.
Share our services and make money.

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How to know more about us?

Visit our website, read our blogs, follow us on our official social media handles, check out our online-store, visit the center, write and call us.

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How about the T&C?

Terms and conditions to the Mandavo Affiliate Program is the 10% of what the client pay will be rewarded to you in cash sum.

Why Choose Us


We strive:
To train men and women to be proficient
in the field of information communication
and technology.

Easy Going

We deliver on time, work smartly, and can handle job pressures.

24x7 Support

We are ever ready to listen to student and open to dialogue.

Cost Saving
Our Training

The method of training
is unique, and affordable.